Committed to Being Your Trusted Retail Growth Partner


Primitivo Ltd. is independently owned and operated consulting firm, designed to offer carefully selected range of business services in retail, marketing and real estate.

We partner with investors and decision-makers who consistently strive for progress and growth and seeking transformational change. We establish presence throughout their journey, identifying the tactics that will redefine the future, drive transformation and cultivate competencies across their entire organization.

Together, we are fast-tracking progress towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for everyone. 

The outcome has to benefit all parties involved. We believe that in today’s business environment we all need to get back to basic principles of fairness, transparency and professionalism. We are dedicated to managing our firm and working with our clients in ways that benefit businesses, individuals and communities they live in, in an ethical and efficient manner.

By choice, we adhere to Code of conduct and practice and follow highest standards of ethics in an open, honest and trustworthy manner and professionalism – acting in the best interests of our clients and partners.

We always strive to protect client interests and confidences through:

  • Managing client resources cost-effectively;
  • Bringing innovations in management practice to clients;
  • Building lasting relationships based on respect and trust;
  • Avoid hierarchy and encourage different perspectives with curiosity;
  • Develop and sustain a meritocracy approach.

Use the Advantages of Our Expertise.

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